Day 10 – Family catches up

I am very much behind in this blogging thing. It’s not for lack of effort. Let’s see how I do tonight.

My first thought is how disruptive weekends can be. You sleep later, you don’t move as fast in the morning and indecision seems to rule the day despite lists of things to get done. Even meals are impacted…. if I eat a big breakfast at 10am, do I really need lunch or just a quick snack? This past weekend saw us eating several leftovers from a week of cooking and planning. There was a lot of “what’s in this container” and “what day did we eat this” while standing in front of an open fridge door. Coffee was a disappointment also. I purchased two boxes of a generic k-cup coffee because the French Roast flavor sounded good and the price was right. Ick!!! I normally drink coffee black, but for the next month or so, I will be adding coconut milk to my cup to make it drinkable. My reward whenever I finish the last k-cup will be to buy a box of real Dunkin Donuts cups. But that won’t be until February.

One of our leftover breakfasts this weekend was scrambled eggs with several different items still hanging out in the fridge: eggs, chopped red & green peppers, mushrooms (sorry, Collette), and a jalapeno.  The jalapeno added a bite to it. Oddly, though, it wasn’t as filling as some of the other meals I’ve had.


We have also discovered a fruit snack that I never thought I would eat – dried dates! I don’t know if I like them because they are one of the sweetest things I have had in this chocolate-less world, but I find them tasty and filling. Who knew!!

Sunday saw a repeat recipe. We had invited friends over for dinner and had to put together a menu that everyone could eat. (One of our guests eats almost no fruits or vegetables EVER.)  So what did we serve…? Mexican Spiced Roast Chicken! A chicken is rubbed with a blend of spices including cumin, chili, paprika, and others to give the bird a wonderful flavor. Along with the chicken, we served baked potatoes (regular for the guests, sweet potatoes for us), grilled zucchini and bread for the guests. Collette found the chicken recipe online. I wish I could show the picture of it… The recipe and photo are available on the link below.

Looking back at the first week, I feel like I should have been paid part-time by the market based on amount of time I spent food shopping last week. The need to shop every day has to change if this way of eating is going to gain a foot hold. So tonight, after eating and cleaning up, I looked in the fridge to see what we have stockpiled. It appears that we may actually have all the ingredients needed to get us to Friday.  Planned meals include 1) Squash Chili, 2) Turkey burgers (described by Collette earlier last week), and 3) Spaghetti squash and shrimp.

We are also liking the simple meals that are fast to put together. Tonight’s dinner is a good example:

salmon supper

This meal consisted of salmon grilled with just salt & pepper, asparagus broiled with olive oil and garlic salt, slice avocados and my creation, sautéed broccoli slaw and radishes. The only difference with the sautéed dish tonight was the absence of chopped green onion (it wasn’t on the market list) so I added chopped almonds to give it a crunch. Still delicious !

And finally…. I am finding that I am going thru more lipstick than usual on Whole30. The tube that I am currently carrying around has a wonderful aroma that smells just like the color. The color is named… “Cupcake”!


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One Response to Day 10 – Family catches up

  1. collette2687 says:

    Haha your lipstick is sounding pretty tasty right about now! Ok, bedtime!

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