day 9, breakfast

This morning I was too lazy to make breakfast. In the middle of the night our Christmas tree had fallen over` and by morning it was dangerously close to taking out the TV. What causes a Christmas tree to topple over? Well, my roommate’s cat walking around covered in pine needles was our first clue. I didn’t know cats had so much holiday spirit! Anyway, after that debacle I really couldn’t be bothered to use anything other than the microwave to feed myself. So I heated up this mis-match of tubers and steak and added half and apple with almond butter.


regular sweet potatoes, white (hannah) sweet potatoes, flank steak, apple and almond butter

Breakfast of champions? Maybe not by conventional standards, but after eating Chinese food and Redbull for days during college nothing phases me. My leftover breakfast kept me full and happy even while competing with what seemed like every Cambridge resident for the last avocado at the grocery store. During the week I’m a little more traditional with breakfast. My roommate and I carpool most days and have our morning routine down to a 35 minute science. She wakes up at 5:00AM, feeds the cat and showers first. This allows me to ‘sleep-in’ until 5:15, shower second, and gives me just enough time to grab my already packed lunchbox before we head out at the crack o’ 5:35… or maybe 5:40 if one of us (usually me) is feeling especially sluggish.


to make myself more excited for carrying around copious amounts of food all month, I bought a new lunchbox!

Today, I decided to us the Pats game to make myself a little breakfast treat to break up the hard boiled egg monotony that has become my Whole30 world. Plus, I had some ground turkey leftover and apples were on sale… a win-win. I added some diced apples and onions to the ground turkey just like with last week’s turkey burgers. I also added sage, one of my favorite herbs because it looks like the fuzzy leaves of a plant my mom used to have in the garden… rabbit’s ear? Cow’s ear? Botany isn’t my favorite subject but the plant looked pretty cool. Oh, and sage tastes delicious.

Apple and sage turkey sausage
1 lb ground turkey
1 apple, diced
1 shallot or 1/2 a small onion, diced
1 to 2 tbs minced sage leaves
salt and pepper to taste

Heat oil/clarified butter over medium-high heat. Add shallots and cook until starting to become transparent. Add apples and cook about a minute until softened. You can omit this if you want crunchy apples in your sausage, just a personal preference. Add shallots, apples to other ingredients and form into small pattys. Cook over medium heat.

I always make a small ‘tester’ patty first to check if I need to add more sage/salt/apples and I was distracted by the game and completely burnt it, setting off the smoke detectors in the process. I guess the cat isn’t the only one wrecking havoc in our house! These turned out awesome and I even had some leftover apples to make apples sauce.

Apple sauce

6 apples diced
1 tbs lemon juice
1 1/2 cup water or more to just cover apples
1 tsp cinnamon or more to taste

Add all ingredients into a large pat and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer and cook until apples are soft, this took me 45 minutes. Mash apples with potato masher for chunky applesauce or blend for a more Motts-like texture. Add more cinnamon if you’d like.


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8 Responses to day 9, breakfast

  1. CForte says:

    Well, I’ve read all about this as well as the Paleo diet. I just printed out the shopping list and meal planner. Since I ate peanut butter on whole wheat this morining for breakfast, I am not able to technically consider this day1…but will try for the rest of the day. I brought an apple and carrots for lunch. Will be eating rabbit food for supper tonight. Once I get all my items, I can then start on the real thing!… Just need to stay away from Uncle Tony and his LaSalle bakery bread. He made stuffed chicken parm this weekend with Montepulciano wine! So not Whole9!. He did make sauted escarole with olives and raisons as well. So I will try my best. I don’t have the time to make all the recipes, but will at least give this an attempt. I will bring my cooler full of food for this weekends away swim meet in summerville mass!… I think it is all in the planning ahead and making the food available instead of grabbing garbage on the run!…. Wish me luck!. Thanks so much for letting me blog… Let me know if you think I am over-blogging! Turn up the brown fat!
    Question: Instead of milk, can I have almond milk in my coffee? Can I even have coffee? Not sure if I read that or not?

  2. susan2258 says:

    You can use coconut milk. I will send you the shopping list we have been using. My next goal…. back to exercising. You know what that means, right ! Get your alarm clock ready !

    • CForte says:

      Thanks so much. I did well yesterday considering I didn’t do my shopping yet. Hopefully today! Well this will be added to my bucket list….not only to take the weight off, as I am able to do, but to keep it off forever, which is the goal of a healthy lifestyle. I am a carboholic so need to take this one day at a time! Thanks for the blog!

      • collette2687 says:

        you can eat carbs! just eat them in the form of whole foods… i’m averaging at least a sweet potato a day. did you say you guys have a swim meet in somerville, ma? thats right near me!

      • CForte says:

        Yes, swim meet this Friday evening at 5:00, Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon. I will get you the pool location as my information is at home.

  3. CForte says:

    OK…day 5 and so far so good. But now the real challenge going into the weekend. Will miss my weekend wine. Only 25 more days to go. Truly loving the variety of veg’s…. The Jersey (mispelled his name wrong) diet is hopefully here to stay after day 30. Feeling good! Just miss my Mio with my water….drinking green tea warms the heart!

    • susan2258 says:

      Celine, I feel the same about the water. I’m not a tea person so I have big bottles of flavored seltzer water at home to help ensure I am drinking enough.

      • cforte says:

        Oh…..just as long as the flavored water has no sweetener?….I will look for flavored seltzer…thanks for the idea. Just a question…does this mean we will be eating creton on celery sticks?

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