Day 12, Another Whole30 rule broken, too much food and reflections

Tonight’s blog isn’t about food as much as it about me. Meal prep is starting to get easier and faster. Breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and some applesauce, Lunch was leftover chili from last night and supper was Collette’ delicious turkey burgers. Moving on…

A couple of days ago I blogged that my husband had a couple of potato chips. Shame! Well, now I have to confess that both my son and I have broken the Whole30 requirement of staying off the scale for 30 days. We have both checked our weight loss progress. My son said he has lost 8 lbs in the past 12 days. I have lost 5 lbs. But to further confess, I had lost 5 lbs as of last Friday after only 7 days on Whole30. When I stepped on the scale again this morning, I found that the needle hasn’t moved.

Now I understand the SOLE reason I/we are following Whole30 is not weight loss. If it is, then on Day 31 all those bad eating habits will come rushing back and I will have spent a lot of time planning, shopping, and cooking for nothing. So over Collette’s turkey burgers (I repeat, these were absolutely delicious!) I tried to get my husband and son to talk about Whole30. My son loves the food so far and asked if we could continue to eat meals like this once the 30 days are over. Ah… YES! He has started working out at the gym again and seems more relaxed than a few weeks ago. My husband isn’t bubbling over with enthusiasm, (I know he misses his beer), but he is continuing with the program and has enjoyed the meals.

So back to me. Why haven’t I lost any weight in the past week? I think the answer has two parts: I am too sedentary and I am eating too much food! Up until May, I regularly exercised every weekday morning with my sister-in-law. We would either walk around the neighborhood or go to the gym. And there was always a serious effort to do something physical on the weekends as well. In May I completed a 1/2 marathon (I had a respectable time considering I didn’t really train) and in June I did a 5K obstacle course race that included a mud crawl and a swim thru a pond. Then my job got crazy and several family members got sick, and well, exercising fell by the wayside. I was so busy trying to care for everyone else, that the mere thought of getting up at 4:30am to exercise became absurd. I just wanted sleep! But I now realize that putting everyone else ahead of me all the time is difficult and mentally exhausting to maintain. After 6 months, a disappointing vacation and double-digit weight gain, it is safe to say I am burnt out.

So its time I start finding my way back to me. And that means feeling better rested and getting back to exercising. This won’t be an overnight shift, but the momentum is building.

Back to the scale. I promise not to step on it again…. at least not until next Saturday. In the meantime, I need to eat less of all these delicious meals. My eating habits in the last week are like those dieters that just look at the label. If the label says “Low”,”Light”, or “Less”, then another bite or two or three won’t hurt. I have been eating whatever whenever just because something is on the approved food list. Wrong! I have been completely ignoring the calories. Yes, yes, I know that Whole30 isn’t about calories. But as a middle-aged 50 something woman, too many calories are not a good thing.

So here is my pledge for the coming week… To start moving a little more and eating a little less. I’m hopeful !

And now I’m going to bed. Good night!

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4 Responses to Day 12, Another Whole30 rule broken, too much food and reflections

  1. collette2687 says:

    i love this post! get some sleep!

  2. Hi there!

    I don’t often stop to comment on the blogs of Whole30ers, but yours caught my attention and I’ve been following along a bit. I just wanted to come over and encourage you NOT to cut back your food intake. If anything, you need MORE food (especially at breakfast). This is the precise reason we ask you to stay off the scale. This is a time of significant change for your body and, while some folks start losing and don’t stop, others fluctuate or level off several times during the 30 days. The number on the scale is in no way an accurate reflection of the changes happening in your body. In fact, many folks have reported drastic body composition changes with little to no weight loss (on the scale). If you cut back on your calories now, during this stressful shift, your body is more likely to hold on to weight than to lose it.

    By all means, get moving – that’s never a bad idea. But I’d encourage you to make sure every meal contains fat, protein and veggies in abundance, eat until you’re satisfied, and don’t restrict yourself to manipulate a number on the scale.

  3. Erin@Whole9Life says:

    Hi there. This is Erin, Director of Operations at Whole9. I came across your blog via our Google alerts. I just want to encourage you to read (or re-read) the following blog posts before you make any big changes during your Whole30. While becoming more active is definitely a plus, cutting back on your food (as long as it’s Whole30 compliant) might not be. Your body is adjusting to a new way of being and your weight is naturally going to fluctuate. Eating less might actually be more detrimental than helpful in the end. Best of luck during the remainder of your Whole30!

  4. Erin@Whole9Life says:

    Oops, sorry, looks like Robin got here before me. I didn’t see her comment before I posted so I apologize for the overlap! Not trying to overwhelm you with our feedback 🙂

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