day 18, holiday treats

Great guest post from my aunt, currently a third of the way into her Whole30, about staying strong in the face of holiday snacks.

cforte…“And so it begins… I have 20 more days to go and as I was in the staff lunch room preparing my morning pomegranate berry green tea, a staff member came in with the holiday cake. This will begin the onslaught of trays of cookies, cakes, candies and other holiday treats for the next two weeks. While I am trying to problem solve, “stay out of the staff room” is my first solution. Yet, I do want to eat my lunch and join in on conversing with my co-workers the next two weeks will be a challenge. I am going to refer to the Whole nine off road flow chart often throughout this holiday season. I posted the flow chart above the cookie table in the staff room. I do hope I haven’t offended anyone but I did post another sign above the flow chart which states “Planning for the New Year?” Use this “Wise Choice” flow chart through the holidays and kick off the New Year in the right direction!….bah humbug!”

‘Tis the season for cookies, drinks, and parties but that doesn’t mean you have to feel left out or deprived in order to eat healthy and feel better. The best advice anyone ever gave me was to always take care of my own hunger. That means eating enough food so I don’t depend on holiday activities for meals (there might not be anything to eat) and because being full makes it easier to turn food away. It also means bringing a dish/snack I CAN eat anywhere I go (usually in my sweet lunchbox). This ensures that I’m not just standing around awkwardly with an empty plate and the host won’t feel added stress to accommodate me. (I have a holiday pot luck next week and I’ll let you know what I decide to bring!) People might look at you funny, roll their eyes, or start telling you why they don’t care about eating well at Christmas, but at least you wont be the one leaving with a tummy ache. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll feel inspired to make better choices themselves.

How do YOU cope with holiday temptations?

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