30 day challenge success

Day 30 was 7 days ago. I have been very delinquent in postings updates. Blame it on the time challenges of the holiday season, shopping and attempts to get more sleep each night.

So how did our family do after following Whole30 ? We all agree that we really feel better. Even those meals where we may have eaten more than we should have didn’t leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I am sleeping better and more deeply. And as a family we lost about 50 pounds.

Below are a few comments I meant to post along the journey.

Brussels sprouts:
My daughter called me out on this vegetable and why she never had these growing up. Really?? She was very fussy and it was difficult to get any veggie on her plate. Of course, my husband calling asparagus ‘dragon toes’ probably didn’t help. And to be honest, I had never had them either! But we did try them after her post and have had them several times since. I won’t call them my favorite food, but I do like them a lot.


Crock pot pork chops:
One quick meal that we enjoyed for its flavor and ease were pork chops in a crock pot. I dipped 8 boneless chops in a quick bath of balsamic vinegar then layered them in the crock pot. Add a bag of broccoli slaw, a chopped onion and two chopped mangos. Finally, pour in a little more balsamic vinegar, cover and slow cook all day. When we got home that night, all we had to do was microwave a couple of pre-baked sweet potatoes and supper was ready.


Spinach & scallops:
Another quick meal that we enjoyed was scallops and spinach. I have outlined the easy scallop recipe in an earlier post. The spinach is also simple: Sauté 2 chopped cloves of garlic per person in garlic oil. Add a large box of sliced mushrooms. Once both are softened, add one bag of baby spinach per person. Add more olive oil and cover pan. Let cook, checking and stirring frequently until spinach has wilted. Serve warm with the scallops.


Ok, some nights I just wanted to eat without the fuss of shopping and cooking. I know that is lazy, but I also wanted to stick to the Whole30 rules. So, there were prepared foods that allowed us to follow rules but eat quick!! See the ingredients below before and after.



Green eggs and yams!
Collette was home a few days leading up to Christmas. I made breakfast one morning for her before she headed out to work. Cooking at 6am leads to fast decisions. So, in the spirit of Dr. Seuss, I served her green eggs and yams!! The eggs were two eggs with an avacardo. The ‘yams’ are sweet potatoes. Fortunately, Collette has a sense of humor and ate it!


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