In conclusion…

We finished the Whole30 challenge a week ago. We then had Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and a 5 day family vacation to Memphis, Nashville and Cincinnati. So how did we do during the week??? Well, good and then not so good. We tried ordering and sharing small plates and half heartily followed the program, but we also wanted to enjoy the flavors of the areas we were visiting. Unfortunately, we have all felt the impact of eating foods that are not necessarily good for us. There have been upset stomachs, gassy stomachs and restless sleep. So we are all going back to the program Jan 2nd. We all are very much aware of how much better we felt while eating healthy and don’t like how we have been feeling the past few days. We may not follow the Whole30 program as strictly as the previous 30 days, but we will find a happy medium that will allow us to eat well, feel better and continue to lose weight.

Our journey has inspired a relative to also follow the program and we will sing its praises to all who ask. I will check in with updates from time to time, and am anxious to see how we progress in the coming months.

My husband and I am grateful to our daughter for bringing Whole30 to our attention and for being concerned about our health. Here’s to a better quality of life for all!


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2 Responses to In conclusion…

  1. Torie says:

    Please keep the recipes coming when you find one to share!

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