We chose the name “a spoonful of family” because, like Mary Poppins suggested, doing this together will make something unappealing (like drastically changing our diet) go down easier.

The four of us, (middle aged father & mother, 20 something daughter & son) are all coming to Whole30 with different needs and expectations. However, the overall goal for all of us is to lose some weight and to feel better. And on some level, it has also become a competition… no one wants to be the first to cheat!

It remains to be seen if Whole30 will become a permament way of life for all of us, or as I suspect, some of us will adopt more aspects of the program than others. But we are all in this together for now!


2 Responses to About

  1. CForte says:

    I have 23 more days to go..got through my first weekend and actually stuck to it…thanks to a busy weekend out of the kitchen and having Collette cook a wonderful meal on Saturday evening! My goal was to try my hardest to stick to it through the weekend! I did succeed! Going into week 2 and will be going to the market after work to get more veg’s and some fruit. Hopefully I can get through the next two weeks and stay away from what staff members are going to be baking and bringing in! I need to go get a boat load of spaghetti squash..yum!

  2. CForte says:

    15 more days to go, after today! Got through another weekend, but ate too much in the way of calories, but stayed within the listed Whole 30 items. Looked up some recipes and found a pancake that falls within the Whole30 guidelines. This morning I tried the “pancake”. I took 2 small eggs, whipped them up, and whipped into them a mushed up 1/2 banana. a sprinkle of cinnamon. Put it into my cast iron skillet on low and let it get really happy. flipped it and it seemed to look like a pancake as well. Very interesting and worth trying again. For lunch I have spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, and a slice of sweet potato and avacado. Forgot to grab my pork for protein. Will have that this evening! Can’t wait to hear from you all at the end of your 30 days! That way I will know if it is worth me finishing to the end! Roasted some acorn squash for this week. I am postponing my annual blood work until the end of day 30, just to compare!
    Found almond flour at job lot and they want 7.99 for a pound. Didn’t buy it, just priced it. Not sure if it is a good one or not.

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